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Crossings at Canton - Versailles Tour


Hey everyone, this is our versailles apartment home I want to take you through here this one has been recently renovated. Notice all the renovations here you have the espresso cabinets, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, easy to keep wood plank flooring throughout. All put into your living space. And then you have the den over here to the side. good spot for home office. Maybe a pet room, we are really pet friendly here. renovated bathroom, same quartz countertops in the bathroom. And then you have your spacious bedroom. There, that's the only spot you're going to have carpet and notice like huge closets in there.

All open to your living room, and then all of our apartment homes have a door wall off of the living space out together a balcony or patio, of course depends where you're at in the building.


And then you'll notice this one does have this sunken living room, the brick wall and then the wood beams. These ones are kind of particular by buildings. So give us a call and we can go through which apartment home has which feature because they do depend on where you're at.


Give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Our phone number is 734-455-2424


Crossings at Canton - Verona Tour


Hey everyone, this is our Verona floorplan. This one has two bedrooms, two bathrooms ended that comes in at 900 square feet. This one has just been recently renovated, we do have a couple different renovation styles for the Verona floor plan. So as different availability comes, we're more than happy to go over with you what styles we have available at any time. You'll notice this one does have the new workplace flooring, and then your door always leaking out to a patio or a balcony. We do have a couple of different features in every apartment. This one does have the sunken living room in the vaulted ceiling. It does depend on where you're at in the community as to what features you'll have. So just give us a call and we can go over what each apartment has that you're interested in.

So from the living room, we're going to open up into your den area this area separates the two bedrooms and the apartment. This will be the first bedroom that we have extremely spacious with plenty of natural sunlight. large closet and this one will be connected to the first bathroom. This bathroom will have a full tub along with new sparkling quartz countertops as well in here. Energy Efficient faucets and this bathroom will lead directly out into the kitchen area. Moving on into our master bedroom in the apartment a little bit more spacious, you'll see plenty of closet space in this one. That's one of the huge benefits of this floor plan. And then with the master bedroom you will always have the master bathroom inside of it. So you'll have your nice quartz countertop with the sink and a vanity light. And then in here you'll have your bathroom with a full stand up shower.

Going back out into the living room. as Luke said this particular floor plan does have the vaulted ceilings which come in select floor plans. Give us a call we would be more than happy to discuss our current availability as well as our specials with you. We're running some amazing specials right now. Our phone number at the office is 734-455-2424. We would love to hear from you soon. Have a great rest of your day.


Crossings at Canton - Venice Tour


Okay. Hi everyone. This is our Venice apartment home. This is a two bedroom two bath apartment. You'll notice that it is fully renovated. Notice special cabinets, stainless steel appliances, the upgraded quartz countertops, and the gas range stove that is in many of our apartment homes. That opens right up to your dining and living room area. This one does have the sunken living room and the vaulted ceilings. Of course those features do depend on apartment home. We're more than happy to go over what each apartment home has just give us a call and we have a little cheat sheet that'll answer everything for that.

And going into the bedrooms as Luke said this is a two bedroom, two bathroom so you'll go into your first bedroom. You do have ample closet space in here and it is going to be connected into the main bathroom. Still have your nice gray quartz countertops along with the dark espresso cabinetry. full bath in this one with a nice tub and brand new tiling going into the master bedroom here. It is going to be extremely spacious. The bedroom will have vaulted ceilings as well just as the living room does. And your master bedroom will always have the master bathroom attached into it. Against sparkling quartz countertops and here and in this one you will have a stand up shower

going back out to the living room. Every apartment will come with either a balcony or a patio area if you're on the second or third floor you'll have a balcony on the first floor will be a patio. Look what kind of amenities does this community have? What's the fun to do around here?

We do have a lot we have a computer center free unlimited printing with that we had a movie room a banquet room those two things are able to be rented out ever wanted to have, I guess gather or anything like that and you can get them rented out after our business hours. We also have a 24 seven Jim will get cheeky five so you can access that anytime, day or night. And we are renovating the pool as we speak. So come summer we'll be able to have that liquid for you all as well.

Perfect. If you could see yourself living in this apartment, give us a call Our phone number is 734-455-2424 and ask us about our specials. We'd love to have you


Crossings at Canton - Naples Tour


Hey everyone, this is our Naples floor plan. It's a two bedroom one bathroom with space fully renovated. This one has 876 square feet to it. From here you can notice the wood plank flooring,

espresso cabinets, quartz countertops, stainless steel backsplash. The Naples is nice because there's a huge closet at the entry and then it opens up into your living room. And then your den also opens up to your living room. off of your living room. You'll always have a dorm all leading up to a patio or a balcony.

All open floor plan

easy for entertainment.

And then moving into our den area from the sunken living room you have ample natural light.

This will be the master bedroom again very spacious closet area.

In between both of the bedrooms you will have your main bathroom again with sparkling quartz countertops, dark espresso cabinetry, fully renovated brand new bathtub.

And then you'll have your additional bedroom over here in the front again, lots of natural light and huge closet space.

as Luke said this is one of our fully renovated units our community does come equipped with a 24 Hour Fitness Center. We are currently renovating our pool. And we have a movie theater upstairs in our club house that is available to be rented out anytime you'd like.

All right, give us a call at 734 or 552424 and we can go over everything in this apartment. There are a couple of features that depend on apartment. The one in this one is the sunken living room. So give us a call and we can go over which particular apartment home has which feature. We look forward to speaking with you soon have a great day.


Crossings at Canton - Legacy Milan Tour


Hey everyone, this is our legacy Milan floorplan. This one has two bedrooms one bathroom and comes in 852 square feet.

This one is going to have wood plank flooring in the living room and then carpet in the dining area and bedrooms

you'll always have a door wall off of your living space facing out to a patio or a balcony.

This one does have a sunken living room. Not all of them have sunken living rooms so always just check with us we'll be able to tell you exactly what each apartment home has that is currently available.

Here it's all open to your kitchen. They have your barstool area dining area living room, all by an open floor plan.

In between the two bedrooms from the living room, you'll find your full bathroom. This is going to have a updated bathtub along with new tiling in it.

In the back of the apartment, you will always have your master bedroom. Extremely spacious fitting for any type of furniture that you may be bringing with you lots of closet space as well.

Going from the back bedroom into the front one.

Same type of layout, very spacious. The nice thing about this first bedroom is you do have additional closet space. So there's a closet behind the door as well as one alcove into the room.

And as Luke said extremely spacious floor plan wide open concept. We are running some great specials right now to get you into our community. In addition, we do have a movie theater, a 24 Hour Fitness Center and a clubhouse that's available to be rented out. If you have any questions give us a call. Our number is 734-455-2424 and we can go over our current availability. And like I said earlier, what features that particular apartment home does have more than happy to help you out. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Have a great day.




Crossings at Canton - Classic Naples Tour


Here we are checking out a two bedroom one bath Naples floor plan. As you can see, there is plenty of closet space for a period of change your coats and things like that a nice amount of livingroom space that you can be able to do whatever you want with this area. We have brick walls. So we're going to go over and check out one of the bedrooms. Nice amount of space and again you have a closet space. The good thing about this is that you can get right to your bathroom from his bedroom. Let's not forget about prostitutes here

we'll head over to the dining area. And we also have from space here you have your balcony, which people like. Again, this is our two bedroom. One bath, Naples floor plan that's now related.


Crossings at Canton - Classic Venice Tour


Hi I'm Bianca. We are in the Venice which is our two bedroom, two bath. Let me take you so you can see plenty of space dining on space.

We have our kitchen

so you can be able to cook clean interchain we have one of the big ones which is very spacious. It also has a closet. And then we have the bathroom which is connected to your room and we have the second bedroom. This one has plenty of space to as well. We also have a bathroom, but it's a test. So this particular unit is 870 square feet.


Crossings at Canton - Classic Verona Tour


This is our non renovated Verona which is a two bedroom, two bath apartment. I do want to take you and let you see the kitchen.

Of course there is plenty of closet space.

Here is your area.


This one has a patio.


This is a bedroom, plenty of closet space, natural lighting, you have a bathroom.


Other bedroom.


Again, this is our two bedroom, two bath Verona 900 square feet.